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Airbnb Vacation Rental Housing May Be Hurting Local Housing Markets

Airbnb, which helps connect people with local vacation home rentals, may be hurting local housing markets in places like New York City. Read more about this complex issue here!

Luxury and New Home Housing Upgrades That Don't Break the Bank

Luxury home upgrades are a popular way to dress up new and moderately priced housing. Read more about some stylish upgrades here!

Micro and Shipping Container Homes Offer Solutions for Inner City Living

Micro and shipping container homes offer cheaper alternatives to existing homes, particularly in large urban cities like London. Read more about shipping container houses here.

Cheaper Houses May Be Costlier Homes in the End

While older houses are cheaper to buy, in general, many have substantial problems that require remodeling and may be more expensive to buy in the end. Read more about issues with buying an older home.

High FHA Loan Fees Leave Buyers Looking for Other Low Downpayment Mortgages

Due to increasingly high FHA loan fees, national banks like Wells Fargo are now providing low downpayment mortgages for home buyers. Read more about the latest home loans here!

How to Winterize a House: Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing a home is a great way to save on the electric or gas bill during the cold winter months. Find out how to winterize a house by sealing common air leaks and cleaning roofing here!

Most Expensive Cities and Homes in the US

Some of the most expensive cities and homes in the US are found in states like California, New York, Florida, and Colorado. Read more to find out the shocking prices on these homes!

Best Haunted Houses in America: Top Places to Get Spooked!

The best haunted houses in America take elaborate steps to scare their visitors. Read more about which top haunted houses around America to visit here!

Apartment Rental Prices Rise as Mortgage Costs Increase

Apartment rental prices are rising as mortgage costs increase due to higher interest rates. Read more about the expected fluctuation of prices in apartment housing now.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Patios, Living Rooms, and Kitchens

Turning an outdoor area into a patio, living room, or kitchen is great for entertaining. Read more about outdoor living spaces and how they can transform your backyard into a great place for parties and relaxing now!

American Home Design: Top 5 US Architecture Styles

Classic American home designs, like ranch homes and bungalows, are treasured pieces of architecture for many people. Read more about these housing styles here!

Affordable Senior Housing in Demand for Future

As more Baby Boomers retire, affordable senior housing continues to increase in demand. A lack of zoning laws and opposition by some community members has stalled progress. Read more about these housing projects now!

The Best Way to Renovate a House: Home Remodeling Ideas

The best ways to renovate a house include kitchen, front door, and bathroom remodeling. Read more remodeling ideas now to help sell or improve your home!

How To Stage A House To Sell

Staging a home can increase the sale price of a home. Take a look at our home staging guide to learn more about decluttering and beautifying your home for sale.

Living On Less Through Voluntary Simplicity

Living simply and with fewer possessions is gaining traction among many young adults today. Read more about people creating simpler lifestyles via minimalist practices now!

Generating Income with Home Rentals

Generating income with home rentals is a way to substantially increase your income, at the cost of maintenance, tenant screening and other responsibilities. Read more about renting a home and becoming a landlord now!

US Mortgage Rates Rising: Housing Recovery at Risk

As the housing market continues to recover, mortgage rates have started to increase, creating some risk for the continued stability of the market. Read more bout US mortgage rates rising now!

Home Buying Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

First time home buyers have a lot to learn about the home buying process, as well as the features that make for a good home. Whether you plan to live there or are primarily investing, learn about buying your first home here now!

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Try some of these law care tips to keep your lawn looking healthy and green - even during the hottest summer months. Basic lawn maintenance is not too difficult, though some might describe it as time consuming. Read our summer lawn care advice now!

Home Canning With Food Dehydrators

With the first commercial food dehydrator sold in 1920, food dehydrators are not new. However the trend of preserving food and extending its shelf life is gaining popularity with its take on being both thrifty and environmentally friendly.

The In-Home Movie Theater Man Cave

From the low hundreds to the thousands of dollars, in-home systems are customized to express themes and personalities. Shared with the family or more popularly made into man caves, take a look at options to consider to create your perfect in-home theatre.

To Lease or Buy: The Cost of Solar Panels

The debate of whether to buy or lease solar panels continues. Due to the high cost of solar panels for home energy either way, some experts may not recommend buying the panels at all. Read on to find out more about the debate.

Staging a House: Faux and Cardboard Furniture

Faux furniture, typically made from cardboard or plastic polymers, can help sell homes for higher prices faster. Read more tactics for staging a home now to realize the true importance of professionally staging furniture.

Housing Market Forecast and Predictions 2013

A renewed housing market forecast for 2013 includes predictions that the market will continue to improve due to low interest rates. Both residential and commercial real estate are estimated to increase in value as 2013 progresses. Read more about's outlook now.